Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Download For Windows & Office [2021]

Microsoft Toolkit Download is a computer program that allows network deployment of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. It is the latest version of the software that activates Windows and MS Office. KMSPico Activator is an alternative to the Microsoft toolkit, which has several new functions, but it works almost similarly. This is often the most effective tool to activate Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and Windows XP.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 For Windows & Office [2021]

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Download For Windows & Office [2021]

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Download


  • It helps you activate both the Microsoft products, which suggests now you don’t ought to have two activators separately.
  • It is an application specially made for Windows machines, which are freed from charge.
  • The newest version of the software can be used for the activation of both Windows and Microsoft Office. Nevertheless, it’ll support you to regulate, license, and use Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows 10.
  • This is very light and also the simplest and fastest tool to activate your Windows 10. If you already own the other Windows 10 activator and don’t feel comfortable using this, you need to look at this.
  • This tool has many additional features like it can provide you with the real Product Keys and helps you activate the MS Products in two ways. One is by using the KMS Server method, and therefore the other is by using EZ Activator.
  • Also, it contains both online and offline versions. This suggests that you’ll activate it by using the web if you’ve got an online connection. If not, then you’re also able to use this awesome MS Toolkit for activation.
  • Microsoft toolkit is 100% safe and clean, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Now I suggest that Microsoft or Windows toolkit is 100% secure, safe, and clean to use. You’ll be able to use this activator with no problem.
  • To avoid damaging your computer, the Microsoft toolkit is the best activator, and it’ll activate all the versions of windows from 10 to XP. It’ll activate your Microsoft product permanently. You don’t get to activate it again and again after a while.
  • This doesn’t assist you in activating Windows only, but you’ll also activate Microsoft office.
  • It’s a 100% safe and secure activator on the web.
  • It doesn’t contain any malware and virus. You’ll activate it with no problem.

Many windows and office activators are available on the web, but most of them have the virus, and many don’t work properly. Some of them activate your windows for less than a couple of months, then the period of time it’ll ask you again to activate it. It’s a really annoying thing which everyone faces almost.

EZ Activator


EZ Activator is the other name of Microsoft Toolkit, which was later changed the name to Microsoft Toolkit. The EZ Activator’s working is the same because the KMSPico also creates a KMS Server in which this tool removes the first license of the Windows and replaces it with an auto-generated one.

I recommend you a trial product, but if you’re pleased and have enough money, I’ll sell it to you. I highly recommend you to shop for a Windows product key to support the developers.

No need for Internet Connection

The most effective thing is that you don’t need any internet connection to use this tool. When you are offline, it works. The activator works on both 32bit and 64bit processors, respectively

As mentioned above, this is often the most effective activation tool available to activate Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 on your computer. This activator is 2 in one software, as we stated. The one thing that you get to do is to decide on the actual activator as your requirement. All the activators are a toolkit aggregation that incorporates the two EZ activator and Autokey management server modules. 

The Microsoft toolkit system is functioning by removing the license key from the OS and forcing it to accept a brand new one that validates the software for updates. This toolkit’s interface is more user-friendly and more convenient for anyone to use smoothly.

Also, it permanently activates your Windows. Then, you don’t get to activate it once again after a short time. Because of that reason, this may be referred to as a lifetime solution.


Microsoft Toolkit becomes the most effective activation tool among users because of its unique features and user-friendly interface. This tool is the best-suited activator for any.

Windows computer, which is free and helps you manage, organize, license, and activate Windows, like MS Office on your computer.

The following are the main and effective features of these best activators. Once you read this, you’ll never miss using the most recent version of this toolkit as your Windows and Office 2016 activator.

Lifetime Activation

EZ-Activator isn’t like other activation tools, as this can provide you a lifetime solution. Once you activate Windows 10 on your computer, you don’t get to activate it once again after some period. Just after the primary activation of Windows, you’re finished! Unless you uninstall Windows, your computer will remain activated.

Offline Activation

The latest version of the software includes an incredible feature. It facilitates offline activation. Then, any internet connection is no longer needed to activate your Windows on your computer.

This offline activation is supported just for the two .5.1 and 2.5.2 series. If you’re running an old version of this Windows activator, then you must need an internet connection to activate Windows 10 on your computer. The versions such as 2.4, 2.4.1, 2.4.2, and 2.4.3 don’t support offline activation.

2-in-1 Activator

You all already know that Microsoft Toolkit helps you activate Windows and activate Microsoft Office 2016 through one activator. Thus, no need to install two activators.

Dual Activation Modules

As you know, Microsoft Toolkit is a combination of both EZ Activator and KMS Auto modules. Thus, for the activation of Windows and MS Office, you’ll be able to use either EZ Activator or Auto KMS modules.

Genuine Windows Activation

This Toolkit is guaranteed that your Windows activation is 100% genuine, as this doesn’t activate Windows through the keys or server. Microsoft Company has officially announced that this only uses the KMS Server for the activation.

If someone must plow ahead and utilize a real version, the only thing you would like to try to do is using the Microsoft Toolkit as your activation tool.

100% secure activation method

This is the sole secure, safest and reliable activation tool available on the web. This toolkit is freed from malware and has no risky codes, where you’ll download it with no doubt. You’ll never face any threats for your personal information on your computer.

System Requirements

To work smoothly on every computer, the Microsoft toolkit requires the following list. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher is required. It Works Both on 32bit and 64bit.

Operating Systems Office 2006-2016 Server 

                          Windows 10                  Word                       2008 All Versions

                          Windows 8.1                 Microsoft Excel        2012 All Versions

                          Windows 8                     PowerPoint             Server 2012

                          Windows 7                     Access                     2012 R2

                          Windows Vista               Outlook                    10 Server

                          Windows XP                  Professional Plus

Change in Microsoft Toolkit .v2.6.7

  • Added Label to indicate Microsoft Office Setup Version and Architecture on Customize Setup tab.
  • AutoKMS now not attempts activation/display error when there aren’t any KMS keys installed.
  • More checks to Add Languages and do better filtering of Language Packs are added.
  • Fixed Customize Setup failing if file extensions weren’t lowercase.
  • If a BSOD happens within half an hour of the last Planned Activity run, AutoKMS will not run.
  • Scheduled Tasks now retain their last run date.
  • Updated TAP Driver.
  • If you would like to put this tool on your PC, your PC has minimum requirements :
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.


Among all the activators available on the web to activate Windows 10 and activate MS Office, the Microsoft Toolkit stands like the best tool ever. The Microsoft Toolkit is contrasted from other activators because of its unique features. This toolkit is of no cost. You’ll enjoy its features without paying a cent of cash. If you are trying this tool at least once, you’ll never miss it and use it again for all Windows and Office activation. Finally, this provides the user’s opportunity to use a real toolkit.

How to activate Microsoft Office

Office 2016 Activator

If someone wants to activate Microsoft Office on the PC by using the Microsoft Toolkit, the subsequent path is the path. It’s almost equivalent to the activation of Windows, but there are just one or two steps that differ from that.

Microsoft Office Activation Steps

Step. 01: 

                First, open the Microsoft Toolkit.

Step. 02:

               Then, click on the Microsoft Office logo, which is found below the toolkit window.

Step. 03:

              Now, you’ll see a brand new window pop-up with many options.

Step. 04:

              Here, you must click on the EZ Activator in the activation tab and look forward to a couple of seconds.                                                                                                                                                         

Step. 05:

          After a couple of seconds, your Microsoft Office activation is completed.


Kmspico Activator for Windows 10 & Office Packages

In case you’re scuffling with activating Microsoft Products or MS Office on your desktop, voila! The Kmspico is usually there for you. Concisely, it’s an activator that can be used to activate Microsoft Products as Windows 10 and MS Office. Being so popular among the users is simply an easy task for Kmspico because of its unique features and favored circumstances. You’ll experience the advantages of Kmspico, like convenience to work, activation without the web connection, and it’s free of cost charge.

Now, you’ll wonder about the developer of this activation tool. All the credits should move to TeamDaz, who is engaged in developing this tool. Not only did they develop Kmspico, but they also developed KMSAuto and Windows Loader, all of which operate automatically. Let’s discover the method of activating Windows and MS Office using Kmspico. Here we go!

Some Common Questions:

Is Microsoft toolkit safe to use?

Yes, it doesn’t harm your computer. This is often the most effective activation tool, 100% secure, and safest tool available on the web.

Is this activator for Lifetime Solution?

Yes, this is often a lifetime solution. This toolkit provides you a lifetime legitimate activation.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Toolkit?

After the activation of Windows or Office on your computer, you can uninstall the toolkit.

Can reactivate Antivirus System?

After the installation and, therefore, the activation is fully and successfully done, you’ll reactivate your computer’s antivirus again.


All Versions Of Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Download For Windows & Office [2021]

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